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How to Order

How to Order

We normally keep limited stock of flies due to the diversity of the over 3000 patterns variations we carry. We offer you bespoke flies order. What you order we tie according to your specification.
Where any pattern requires your input our team will promptly contact you to get a clear picture of what you exactly want.
We also tie your pattern based on your recipe/instruction provided or even a clear photograph or a youtube tutorial. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Delivery is normally in about 2 weeks but this may take up to 4 weeks if the order is large. Our term makes sure to communicate the delivery time as soon as we receive your order. We also try to work with tight deadlines so that you can meet your customers’ demands and deadlines.


We have two ways in which you can place your order. [/alert-note]

Order using form order:Most Preffered.

Please fill in an Excel Order form with the fly pattern you would like, the respcctive hook size, and quantity in doze. Please include other attributes of the pattern eg colour, variation, hooked or barbless, Beaded or No Bead, Etc. Email this to us at info@apolloflies.co.ke and we will get back to you immediately.

Order using Shopping Cart :

  • Select the class of flies you want to buy from and scroll to identify the fly pattern you want, or
  • Go to the search box and type the name of the fly pattern you want and enter
  • Once you have identified the fly pattern you want press preview
  • Select the size and quantity you wish to buy in dozen
  • Select add to cart and the cart appears with the quantity, size and cost.
  • Select the shipping calculator
  • Select shipping option.
  • Select checkout and a completely filled cart appears
  • To add more items select “continue shopping” and repeat the process
  • You can also edit your cart if you so wish
  • Select Check out or PayPal to proceed to payment.
  • Provide full shipping details.
  • Apply a coupon if you have one, if not skip and proceed to payment.
  • On check out you have 3 options to choose from
  • Use guest check out
  • Sign in and check out
  • Register and check out
  • Use the any of the above.
  • Our team will get back to you to confirm your order we will get on from there.


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General Inquiries

For any inquiry about Apollo Flies, please click the button below and fill in form.

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