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Fly Tying:

We are passionate about fly tying, with absolute focus on quality while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Sourcing bulk sustainable raw tying materials eg. Hackles, Zonkers, Skins in bulk from wholesale outlets in the, US, Europe, Asia, and locally in Kenya and sourcing quality hooks directly from the manufacturer is key to keeping cost low. Our labour cost are kept low too due to the volumes available to our tiers giving work consistently through the year.

Some of our clients prefer to have own sourced materials & hooks tie there commercial quantity orders of which gets offset from the total order cost. Please contact us for any arrangement on bulk order tying on your own materials.

We make sure that all materials used are quarantine free and are widely accepted in the fly tying world.

Flies patterns variety is key to our supply ethos. In addition to providing exceptional customer service and product  is range. As a result we tie over 3000 variations of fly patterns. Furthermore testing by our many worldwide client is key to ensuring absolute performance based on real fishing day use.
We have everything from your traditional Nymphs, Wets and Dries, Emergers, Buzzers, Lures, Fritz, Streamers, classic Salmons and Steelheads, Bass bugs and Buggers, Pot bellied pigs and Hoppers, Foams and Nymphs etc.

Consistency in quality from one pattern to the next or one order to another is achieved through retention of our skilled tiers over the years. Therefore the quality fly you receive in Easter package is the same quality fly you will receive in the Christmas gift package!

Our unmatched Prices

Samples: $50
Special Dries  & Terresterials -$1.5
Foam and Beetles-$1.2
Standard Dries-$1.2
Special Nymphs and BH-$1.2
Standard Nymphs-$1.0
Hacked & Winged Wets-$0.9
Frits & Blobs-$1.5
Streamers and Buggers-$1.6
Special Streamers & Leeches-$1.8
Buzzers & Epoxy-$1.1
Eggs & Worms-1.0
Salmon & Steelheads Flies -$3.0
Bass Bugs & Pikes -5.0

Don’t hesitate to contact us 24hr, 7 days a week.

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