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Stimulator Chew Toy Yellow


The Stimi Chew Toy is a Stimulator pumped up on steroids. This pattern is un-sinkable due to the footprint, foam, elk hair, dry fly hackle, and dubbing that is incorporated into it. Great searcher and all around stonefly/hopper attractor. Especially great on wild trout streams. Tied on hook sizes 8 to 14


The Stimulator Chewtoy is just a glorified stimulator fly, but it has a few extra feature that make it tempting to lots of trout. This particular chewtoy stimulator is Yellow and works well after the salmonfly hatch out west. It seems the trout are still looking for Yellow, but they aren’t looking for flies as big as salmon flies. They have already seen every salmon fly offering imaginable and they are looking for something just a little different. The Chewtoy stimulator has a nice pair of foam wings and a set of rubber legs that will differentiate it from other stimulator flies.

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