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Sparkle Grub


Originally designed to chase bass, this fly has quickly caught on as a new go to fly when your not sure what will work.Crystal chenille quickly attracts a fishes eye,marabou tail creates that leech look that fish absolutely cannot resist.The simplicity of this combated with all of its features make it one of the most diverse patterns out there.Known to catch trout, steelhead, bass, panfish, etc, it’s a must have for an avid fly fisherman. Hook sizes #6


All Fishing flies on this website are tied with top quality hooks, beads & coneheads and materials, by the most seasoned and nimble fingered  tiers in the business. This is the source of most flyshops flies. Materials are sourced from Wapsi, Spirit-River Inc, French CDC, Hareline, Cascade Crest, Flymen Fishing Company and other top brands. Every fly goes through a thorough quality checking and can be traced back to the specific tier who tied it. Most of the patterns can be modified to your specification and colors too. Order with confidence and if in need of any assistance reach us via live chat us on the small box on your bottom right corner of the site. info@apolloflies.co.ke

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