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Quill Gordon


The Quill Gordon, first tied by Theodore Gordon, is an imitation for the Epeorus pleuralis mayfly, and early season emerger. Although the pattern started out as an eastern mayfly imitation, it is effective everywhere it is fished because of it’s color and mottled appearance.Tied in sizes 12 to 18.


Tying the classic Quill Gordon:Theodore Gordon, whom many consider the father of American dry fly fishing, created this pattern in the late 19th century. We make the body using a piece of peacock herl with the fine fibers removed. Done by simply pulling a piece of herl between the index finger and the nail of the thumb; the nail will strip the flue from the quill. Or, we spread the herl on the bench top between the thumb and index finger of one hand, and remove the flue using a common pencil eraser.Wings are made of wood duck flank fibers with the hackles done on Whitting farm Blue Dun hackles.

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