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Prince Nymph Beadhead Rubberleg


This pattern can be ranked among the to 10 most prolific nymph patterns and dang effective in catching fish.Very well-defined profile is unmistakable and fish take it with abandon. The beadhead allows the nymph to sink quickly, ‘swim’ attractively, and appears to be a tiny bubble many nymphs rise on. The rubberleg stimulate more movement and seduces even the most reluctant trout.Generally used in fast water as a stonefly imitation, these nymphs are an attractor that can draw strikes anywhere and can be used in warm-water as well.Iridescent peacock and those marvelous white wings, and split tail, combine to make this a great attractor pattern.We owe a big thank you to Doug Prince for this best seller. Hook sizes #8 to #18

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