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Pheasant Tail Beadhead Flashback


The pheasant tail has to be one of the top five trout nymphs ever tied on a tippet.This beadhead flashback version of the classic fly and has proven itself so well; no self-respecting nymph box should be without them. It uses pheasant tail fibers to form its tailing, body, wing case, and legs. Gold ribbing helps to simulate a segmented body while adding a little flash. Pearlescent peacock herl finishes out the fly.Extra flash and beadhead also work great early season and when water is off color.Great sink rate, classic silhouette, and that peacock thorax, one of the best materials ever wrapped on a hook.This fly pattern is an excellent mimic of any number of baetis and caddis nymphs and also works great for a general mayfly nymph attractor. Hook sizes #10 to #22

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