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Pass Lake Fly


One of the oldest fly patterns around from way back in 1930s.The Pass Lake Special tied with its traditional white calf tail wing and chenille body has proved to be a very effective panfish fly.Fish it with a floating or intermediate line and you will  found it to be a great open water searching pattern.The bottom line is the Pass Lake Special remains  a panfish killer.Tied in hook sizes 12 and 14


It was first tied in the mid-1930’s by Rev. E. Stubenvoll, a Lutheran minister from Clintonville, WI. He liked using white calf tail for wings on many patterns he tied and orginally tied this pattern for his fishing trips to Pass Lake, Ontario for big brook trout. As the fly became a big success Stubenvoll decided to name it after the Pass Lake area.

Today, there are many variations tied of the original Pass Lake fly pattern and they all seem to work. I have seen the pattern tied with peacock herl body and the tails tied with either brown hen hackle to golden pheasant tail

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