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Parachute Royal Coachman


Royal Coachman Parachute Dry Fly. Another buggy looking variation of the Royal Coachman the parachute style fly sits slightly lower in the surface film resulting in great viability to the unsuspecting Trout.Tied in hook sizes 12 to 18


This Royal Coachman Parachute is an attractor dry fly pattern and as such can be used all season. This Royal Coachman Parachute pattern should be accompanied by the Royal Coachman dry fly and wet fly. This Royal Coachman pattern is an all season pattern. The design is credited to John Hailey and he said to have composed it in 1878 by John Haily of New York. When the trout are feeling unselective, which may be rare, or you see little action try this pattern. If they are feeding on specifics, this pattern invariably will prove ineffective. This pattern is very buoyant and are designed to be fished in rougher, faster waters were waiting trout may have less time to observe the fly as it moves by.

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