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Foamulator, Golden


The Foamulator is a foam version of the classic stimulator pattern. The main difference in the Foamulator (compared to the classic stimi) is the foam back, rubber legs and Ice Dub body. The Foamulator can be tied in several different color combinations such as, Black, Olive, Red and Tan & Golden. This color imitates a golden stonefly and also makes for a good general attractor pattern. This is a great hopper dropper pattern. The extra foam helps keep this fly riding high and very visible!!Hook size 4 to 10


The combination of crystal dubbing, high floating foam, rubber legs, hackle, elk hair and a flashy underwing make the Golden Foamulator come to life. The addition of foam and other synthetics have improved the Stimulator profile and made it buoyant and very durable. Foamulators are very effective when there are Stoneflies or Grasshoppers around and have quickly become one of the most popular all around attractor patterns.

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