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Crystal Stimulator Olive Rubberleg


This is one of the most effective and versatile attractor dry flies for trout around the West Coast. Depending on the size and color you choice in this pattern, it can be used to imitate a caddis, grass hopper, stonefly or even a Salmonfly. That’s why it can be so effective, because fish will take it throughout seasons and times of day. Must have for the trout angler!Tied on hook size 8 to 14


A recent improvement to a famous pattern the Olive Rubber Leg Crystal Stimulator incorporates new synthetic materials to the basic Stimulator profile. The flashy underwing and crystal dubbing along with movement and a buggy silhouette from the rubber legs make this fly irresistable.

This fly imitates a large variety of insects fish commonly feed on. Whether the fish eat it as a Stonefly, Hopper, or other this pattern is one of the best attractor flies around. If your looking for a visible, high floating, dry fly the combination of brightly colored elk hair, stiff hackle and rubber legs make this one of the best available. Every angler will be happier having a variety of Crystal Stimulators in their box.

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