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Black Gnat


The Black Gnat Fly probably had a home in your father’s and possibly grandfather’s fly box. This classic and very effective pattern continues to be a productive fly on both moving and still water. The Black Gnat is mostly fished as an attractor but will work as a midge or dark colored mayfly.Tied in size 10 to 18

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A classic trout fly, the Black Gnat is most often these days tied dry, but it can be an important pattern when fished below the surface. Consider it as part of a three-fly cast when prospecting for summer rainbows or cutthroats.

There are many natural flies covered by the generic term ‘black gnat’. These are usually terrestrial flies of the Bibio species through some fly fishermen consider the water loving Emphid flies to be the only true Black Gnat. Regardless of preference this fly will be found in most fly fishermens fly boxes as it is deadly at times.

We also tie the wet-fly version of the Black Gnat with red thread on a No. 10-16 wet-fly hook. For the body, use three black fibers from a turkey tail. Rib with fine green wire. For the hackle, use black or purple starling hackle.


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