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Ausable Wulff


Fran Betters variation of Lee Wulff famous pattern, tied on our chemically sharpened hooks, brown and grizzly whitting hackles, White kiptail/ calftail cleaned and stacked,woodchuck guard hairs cleaned and stacked and finished with head cement for durability. Most popular is size 12 and 14


For forty-seven years, Fran Betters owned the Andirodack Fly Shop in Wilmington, New York, just across Route 86 from the famed West Branch of the Ausable River. He was a fierce advocate for protecting the West Branch, an ambassador for fly fishing, and a revered fly tier. Two of his original patterns, the Haystack and the Ausable Wulff, were named among Field & Stream’s top 10 trout flies of all time. Betters first tied the Ausable Wulff in 1964, working from Lee Wulff’s famous patterns. Its popular to date as it was back then.

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