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Ant, Red


Like a number of terrestrial insects which can appear on the water’s surface in large numbers, the flying ant has a nasty habit of inducing trout to become completely preoccupied. So, when there is a large fall of these insects, it is important to have  this killer fly ready at hand.


The Red Ant is a must in the fly box. During the hot days of summer many ants fall from the bank side vegetation and flying ants simply plummet kamikaze style on to the waters surface to the delight of the waiting trout.Be ready for those rare days when the air is thick with flying ants.
This fur-bodied imitation is one of the best as it sits right in the surface film just like a real drowning ant. Here it is tied in fiery red to imitate the red ant but it may equally be tied with a black body to imitate species of that colour.

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